Custom AR Mobile Apps


Enhance Your Brand with Your Own AR Mobile App

How about your own AR App? We have created AR mobile apps and content for magazines and product lines, and can help you in creating your own custom AR app. Once we're done with that, you'll have a mobile platform that adds amazing value to your brand and offering, and more effectively connects your brand with your clients. 


Why Your Own AR App?

Instant AR Viewer Module to optimize user engagement with your augmented brand, products, publications, and campaigns.

Hyperlinked content to connect physical items with relevant digital content, including social media channels, online stores, similar products, branding content, etc.

Social media sharing, now optimized through each user's interaction with your brand's AR content.

Want to go even crazier? We can customize and implement individual modules into your app, including Content Management Systems (CMS), in-app e-commerce platforms, GPS-activated AR content, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

AR Products & Publications

There's only so much real estate on a magazine or product box, and you don't want to saturate that space and interfere with your item's beautiful design. Instead, we can use AR to enhance your brand and designs, and add layers of digital content to your product or publication. All AR content can be hyperlinked as well!

AR Advertising Campaigns

Increase retention for each individual ad and for your entire advertising campaign through AR! Keep customers engaged with each out of home ad even if they're not standing in front of it, and hyperlink your campaigns physical locations to interactive digital content. 


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