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Your own platform…

We’re always happy to store and display new content in the Mussa App, but how about trying your own? We can develop a White Label app tailored to your company’s needs, maximizing the exposure of your brand and projects through a mobile platform that reflects your corporate image and vision.


Your own AR app:

- Easy to use AR Viewer module, offering quick access to all your AR projects from a single screen.

- Customized informative screens with project information and relevant links to online resources and/or social media content.

- Social media sharing directly from your app, offering users options such as front and back camera activation, access to customized automated hashtags (or let users create their own).

- Hyperlinked content redirecting to relevant online resources and/or e-commerce platforms.

Want to go even crazier? We can customize and implement individual modules into your app, including Content Management Systems (CMS), in-app e-commerce platforms, GPS-activated AR content, and pretty much anything else you can think of!


We can help you develop your own AR mobile app so you and your clients can experience all of your AR-enabled work. This white label app will create an experience around your work and brand, let you control access to your AR projects, and dramatically increase the reach of your work and the impact of you brand.

At Mussa, we have already covered the cost of developing a framework for creating AR apps, which means you will be paying a fraction of what would otherwise be a large investment. Enrolling in the Mussa White Label App Program will give you access to your own custom app, increase customer loyalty and engagement through a personalized mobile platform, and let you promote your work in new and exciting ways. You will be competing with the big guys, for a fraction of what they spent!


It is hard to stand out in a world changing as quickly as ours. Whether you are a designer, artist, or print media specialist, there are competitors around every corner looking for ways to become and remain relevant and successful. Having your own app will help increase the reach, exposure, and impact of your creations and your brand. Add AR to the mix, and you’ll reach another level relative to your competitors, and open the door to visualizing your work in ways that will make your clients’ heads spin in excitement!


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