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Mussa was founded in 2016 by Ignacio Lopez and Leon Posada to create immersive experiences with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tools and applications. Specialising in the integration of AR with street art and print media, they take inspiration from Miami and its art scene. Both experienced in technologies and design, they are targeting artists, galleries and other creatives.

Voyage MIA

Ignacio Lopez and Leon Posada founded Mussa towards the end of 2016, with the intention of integrating emerging technologies like AR into the work of creative professionals. We’ve come to specialize in the integration of AR into street art and print media, and now have projects ranging from murals to magazines in several cities in the US and Europe.

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Two of my favorite things are art and technology which is why I was excited to chat with the founders of Miami based company Mussa for this edition of #behindbasel. Ignacio “Nacho” Lopez and Leon Posada founded Mussa towards the end of 2016, with the intention of integrating augmented reality (AR) into the work of creative professionals. They describe the Miami art scene as being a mix of traditional and the innovative, with a bit of “tropical salt, pepper, and Cuban coffee.”

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ADOBE MAX Conference ( – Oct 15th)

So two of our projects were showcased at the Adobe Max Conference in Sacramento last week. 
Adobe put together an intro video for the keynote presentation depicting the current state of the AR landscape... It was brief, but it was awesome to see @birdseedanthony 's mural and its AR content in such a big stage!

Big Think

Our client's works have been featured in shows and publications in the US and Europe, including the Miami VR Expo 2018, Miami's Art Week 2017, and gallery spaces in Spain, Colombia, and along the US East Coast.

Mussa has also been featured in online publication Big Think, and taken part in sponsoring local initiatives like the 2017 Art for Equality Gala at Wynwood's White Porch Gallery


How augmented reality will make street art come to life

Amid vagabonding taco trucks and art galleries, in Miami’s sunny art district, Wynwood, there are blocks and blocks of mural-embossed buildings. It’s a neighborhood with fantastic imagery only limited to an artist’s imagination. It’s also a community that is using technology in an unprecedented way to engage smartphone-distracted passersby.

Indeed, it’s here, among walls that have borne murals of Yoda wielding a “Stop Wars” sign and an elephant with a swaying bouquet of tentacle-like trunks, that a curious new spray-painted mural has been beguiling locals and visitors alike for months. If Miami creatives are right, then this particular work, by street artist Eduardo Kobra, is one of the first fruits of a revolution about to take the art world by storm.