Our work

We create content with the intention of optimizing our clients' project visualization processes, and develop solutions ranging from stand-alone renderings to immersive AR & VR platforms for artist, designers, and other creative and corporate professionals. 


Birdseed Collective – Denver Augmented Reality Mural

Birdseed and Mussa teamed up to translate these initiatives into the digital realm. Through the magic of AR, we’ve created an interactive experience around one of Anthony’s murals, offering residents and visitors an opportunity to become active participants of Anthony’s art and Globeville’s rich social history.



Experience R house’s beautiful mural and become part of Kobra’s work as Dali, Basquiat, Frida, and Warhol spring to life through the magic of augmented reality.
Focus your camera on any of the four iconic faces, and watch as the iconic Wynwood mural emerges out of its world and becomes part of yours.



MIAMi expo vr 2018. AR logo

Miami VR Expo is the 1st VR expo to South Florida slated for the Summer of 2018 that is dedicated to virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality and seeks to expand minds, opportunities and creativity.

Delta-min copia.jpg

Delta Design. AR & 3D Printed Logos

Delta Design & Mussa are exploring how to weave AR and 3D printing into comprehensive visualization tools to help artists, designers, and other creative professionals optimize the way users interact with art, products, and brands.

Mussa Monograma3-min.png


When we first started with AR, the applications to advertising platforms and print media jumped right at us. Why not turn our business cards and other stationary items into interactive models?



Eames Lounge Chair. AR Catalog Sample

The presentation of furniture items on a catalog is usually a combination of a photograph or rendering, and a series of sectional drawings conveying the different angles of an item. With AR, we can eliminate all these components, and replace them with a single model that users can experience and interact with in real time. 


AR Books & Prints. Emergent Print Media

AR brings print media to life and maximizes user engagement with your content. A children’s book, for example, can become an experience around educational content.
Why limit yourself to the page when there’s an entire world in the palm of your hand, just waiting to be explored.




Luis Valle’s Shamansito is an iconic image and protagonist of Miami’s rich street art scene. Whether it is one of his beautiful murals adorning Wynwood’s urban corridors, or a shirt or poster with Luis’ work, watch El Shamansito emerge out of his world and bring his magic into ours!


Custom renderings, 360 & AR renderings

Renderings continue to be the standard visualization tool in industries like inter design, product design, and architecture. We work with professionals in these and other industries in creating high quality renderings for their clients, or in implementing new AR and VR tools into their design processes.