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Ignacio Lopez and Leon Posada founded Mussa in 2016 with the intention of integrating emerging technologies into the design , art and marketing & advertising industries.

With over thirty years of combined experience in the design and advertising industries, their goal has always been to enrich the end user’s experience of a space or product.

Our mission is to create new worlds and to enrich the world around us through immersive visualization solutions, which we offer to creative and corporate professionals.

Our current focus is on creating immersive experiences with

augmented reality (AR) tools and applications for clients in these industries.

The solutions we offer target areas ranging from business development, technology innovation, and strategic positioning over competitors through the creation of immersive environments that maximize a client´s interaction with virtual and augmented spaces.

As part of an industry leading the transition from traditional to immersive rendering formats, we aim to increase value for our clients through  the implementation of new technologies into the design, construction and sales processes.

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Ignacio Lopez & Leon Posada
Mussa Owners

Augmented Limited Street Art Print
To create reality through experience is to be willing to leave nothing open to imagination