Limited Edition AR Prints

It isn’t easy being an artist, especially in a world where so many prospective clients expect to get everything for free. This seems to be particularly true in the urban art scene, which despite its strong presence in cities like Miami is packed with artists struggling to make ends meet. At Mussa, we are actively working to change that.

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Empowering Art through AR

From our previous experience in the world of street art, we have found that oftentimes artists must cover a significant portion of all costs associated with developing a new artwork. To top that of, some of these works get erased after a week and are lost forever.

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Augmented value

Prints offer artists an opportunity to profit from a work even after the original piece has been sold or erased. Adding AR content to giclée prints creates an interactive experience around the art, engages and transforms buyers into active participants in this experience, and adds tremendous value and collectability to the print.

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Originals, limited and signed

We believe AR-enabled prints offer artists the opportunity to not only enrich their work with layers of digital content, but also to receive additional revenue from each artwork, and to retain control over how to profit from these artworks in the future.