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Brands & Artist Solutions


AR Social Experiences

Mussa creates Augmented Reality (AR) content for brands, offering access to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Using your existing social media channels, we can create AR filters to distribute branded AR content to the masses.
We’ll take care of creating the content, and uploading it to each client’s social media channels to ensure a successful activation.

Brands & Media

We may specialize in Street Art, but there's amazing opportunities and value to implementing AR into print media and products/packaging. We have helped brands and magazines maximize the impact of their products and publications, and would love to talk about becoming part of your company's business strategy as well!

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Limited Edition AR Prints

It isn’t easy being an artist, especially in a world where so many prospective clients expect to get everything for free. This seems to be particularly true in the urban art scene, which despite its strong presence in cities like Miami is packed with artists struggling to make ends meet. At Mussa, we are actively working to change that.

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AR branded platform

We’ll help you create your own AR mobile app so you and your clients can experience all of your AR-enabled work. This fully branded app will create an experience around your work and brand, let you control access to your AR projects, and dramatically increase the reach of your work and the impact of your brand. 

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Urban and Street art Augmented Reality prints and artworks

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Some of our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure to work with some amazing individuals and organizations, ranging from artists, to designers and non profit organizations, in creating augmented reality content and applications to maximize the impact of art, design, and advertising campaigns through AR.

We’re always looking for new opportunities as well, and are actively exploring the implementation of AR tools into other industries, including robotics, remote learning, real estate, and multiple media formats.


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Miami (United States)
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Madrid (Spain)
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Feel free to reach to us by phone, email, or just pass by the office to say hi. Together we can find how best to implement AR into your art, products, and designs, and redefine how your clients interact with your work!

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