Events AR Xperiential

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Shows & Openings 

- Corporate Events 

- Museums 

- Galleries


AR Space Activations for spaces and events of all scales.

AR is not limited to flat surfaces, and can also be applied to physical objects, large-scale irregular surfaces, and even physical spaces. This means we can get as crazy as we want to be, and turn anything from an empty room to an entire convention center into a digital sensory experience tailored to your goals and vision.

GPS-enabled AR allows us to turn maps into interactive, real time navigational tools to help guide visitors through a space, highlighting individual elements that customize users’ experiences to fit your needs. We can be subtle, or we can be blunt in how we define these experiences, but the bottom line is that AR lets us control user behavior within a space.

Interior spaces like museums and galleries can also activate walls to optimize how artworks are displayed during an exhibition. Whether it is a pop up gallery or an established museum, wall space is hard to come by, but with AR we can display as much content as you wish, and control how users interact with this content.